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Automatic Doors

WDC supply a comprehensive range of Sliding and Swing door operators and accessories. For detailed specifications select the relevant section below or contact us direct.

Sliding Doors


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Retrofit Kits

Enhance and extend the performance of your entrances with modernization and upgrades, Keep your entrances performing well.

Automated entrances are a long-term investment, and just as your business develops over time, so do entrance automation technologies and regulations. To help address the changing needs, we offer a variety of modernizations and upgrades.

Modernizing and upgrading your entrances can contribute to a more sustainable building, reduce maintenance and energy costs, and at the same time improve convenience, reliability, safety, efficiency and aesthetics. It is a cost-effective way to make sure the entrances match both current and future needs.

The WDC Retrofit package is suitable for upgrading the control element of any brand of automatic sliding door, with no changes to the door construction needed. The upgrade takes just a few hours, and results in a safer door that is both more reliable and more efficient.

If you’re looking to upgrade the control element of any type of automatic sliding door, the WDC retrofit packages will minimise downtime by allowing you to replace the mechanical and electrical components without changing the entire door construction. The retrofit kit is a universal solution capable of controlling other manufacturers operators. With this modernization we can ensure that your door complies with the latest standards EN BS 16005.


  • Significantly reduced costs when compared with rebuilding
  • Most door parts can be retained
  • No changes in appearance
  • No modifications needed to existing sliding doors
  • After installation, your door system meets current legal requirements for personal safety
  • State-of-the-art technology ensures smooth operation for many more years
  • Sure availability of spare parts
  • Suitable for all types of sliding doors
  • Reduced maintenance

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Automatic Doors

One-Stop Door Maintenance & Repair

Providing maintenance and repair of all types of automatic doors, manual pedestrian door systems, emergency exit hardware, roller shutters and all types of industrial doors.

National Service 24/7, 365 Days a Year

Offering a 24 hour seven day a week reactive call out service, 365 days a year to all makes of automatic and manual door systems throughout the UK.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance ensures both the operational performance and safety of your automatic and manual door systems.

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